“Before I was born, I was up in Space with Grandma Evelyn.”

grandma in space

Aimee relates: “When my son Casper was about three, he matter-of-factly told me how he chose me and how he took advice from my grandmother (who passed in 1992) when the time was right to ‘come down’.

He even knew things about my grandmother that I had never told him.

“Casper said he’d asked Grandmother Evelyn a couple of times if he could go to Earth and she said, ‘It isn’t the right time to be born yet.’

When he spoke her name, I literally gasped and it gave me goose bumps: ‘Before I came here, I was up in Space, where Evelyn lives. Evelyn, you know her, Mama, and we know you.’

With tears in my eyes, I scribbled it all down, furiously writing as my little son spoke!

“Casper explained how Evelyn advised him about birth: ‘Choose only one body again because you pick lots of bodies!’

Casper told me, ‘So I took away all the bodies, but my orange one – it was ten colors, orange, pink, white – then I turned red and came to my baby body and went into your tummy. I was in my baby body here, here, and here (points to his head, chest, feet). I felt like I was in Space.’

“Casper told me: ‘Mama, Evelyn gave you a message: You get a present and that’s your son.’

“Apparently Casper continued to have communications with my grandmother during his womb-time. He talked to Evelyn ‘when it was too quiet inside, like in space, so she gave me a present – she let me drive a racing boat, but said that I had to come back to the body. I can switch which life I go into.’

Casper asked me, ‘What kind of life do you choose, Mama?’

“Casper also used to tell me about what I presume was one of his past lives. His name was Mikey and he worked on trucks with his brother. Casper had knowledge and descriptions of the mechanics of vehicles that he couldn’t have known at his young age.

One day I found him in frustration searching through his toy box for his ‘tools’, muttering under his breath: ‘I left them right there!’ When my son saw me enter his room, he got the oddest look on his face, as if he suddenly realized where he was. 

“Casper is six years old now and doesn’t remember these incidents anymore, but they were especially powerful at the time. And it gave me great joy to know that my son knew someone so special to me and that she assisted in helping him choose me.”

What profound memories lay buried within each of us? Is Heaven a memory? Could Heaven actually be a “Real” place that we have already been to?

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