“Papa, don’t worry, I am back again!”

"Don't worry, Papa - I came back again!!" Pre-ibirth memory, past life experiences and more...

Amarjit:  “Twelve years ago I lost my second child when she was three months old. She had a hole in her heart. The very next year I was again blessed with a daughter.

“My third daughter was born December 9th, 2003.  This is the same date and month of my second daughter’s birthday (December 9th, 2002).

“We named her Khushi, meaning Happiness.

“A few weeks after Khushi’s birth, Khushi came to me in my dream. Her communication with me was a mixture of verbal and telepathy:

“‘Papa, don’t cry, as I am the same girl coming again to you.’

“This message gave me a soothing relief from the grief I had been going through.

Yet even before receiving this message, I already had a strong intuition that my second daughter had reincarnated as Khushi:

1) The common date of birth, i.e., December 9; and

2) Khushi was born with a prominent birthmark (one inch diameter dark round circle on her hand.)

“Khushi’s birthmark is a result of the excessive needle punctures during hospitalization given to her in her previous birth. The doctor had to shift the location on my second daughter’s hand for successive injections due to swelling in those places.

“My sharing is for the whole world. Let it spread throughout the entire globe. But the story is incomplete…

“Let me complete this story; I need to share that when I was regressed to one of my past lives, I saw myself as an British soldier during the time when war was fought with swords.

“I had a daughter. She is the same daughter who was born as my second daughter and who only lived three months and then was reborn as Khushi.

“In that past life, I promised my daughter that I would return from war, but I died in battle.

“In order for me to realize her pain of separation in that past life, she first came to me for three months and parted.

“But then she came back to complete this relation of father and daughter.”

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