The Miracles of the Premie Sisters

The miracle of the preemie sisters - Cosmic Cradle

Adele: “Has anyone had an experience or memory like this?

“I have two children: Clarise was born on 15 October 2010 at 23 weeks gestation. Clarise weighed 515 grams (1.13538065 Pounds). Aleyna was born on 23 October 2011 born at 25 weeks gestation. Aleyna weighed 721grams (1.56969131 Pounds).

“While I was pregnant with with my first child Clarise, she once appeared to me in a dream. Clarise took me up into the Universe.

“It was dark around us, but everywhere that you looked were babies sitting or standing in front of huge shapes such as squares, circles. Other babies were standing in front of things, like one baby was standing in front of a tree. The babies were naked and they were all very occupied with the task at hand —they were counting the number of stars that comprised different ‘things’–squares, circles, trees, etc. Everything was made out of stars.

“Clarise and I were walking through the babies until we reached a huge man – almost 3 meters tall (9.84252 feet). He was made out of golden stars and was holding a scroll in his hand. There were four stars on his forehead. Clarise was supposed to count how many stars were in his shape.

“She told me that before a baby was permitted to come to earth, the baby must first be able to count all the stars of his ‘shape’. She asked me to help her count the stars.

“When I woke up from my dream, I felt blessed to have been a witness to this.

“Clarise passed away 9 hours after birth, BUT she had very urgent work that she had to fulfill on earth to prepare for her sister’s birth a year later.

“It sounds small, but Clarise secured her sister’s life by stretching my womb, so that Aleyna could stay inside a little longer, and most importantly she waited for a miracle worker doctor to be on duty the day of her birth so that Aleyna could come into this world being safe.”

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