Out of the Mouths of Babes: we shouldn’t define the soul by race or gender.


luke past life memory cosmic cradle



 “We used to laugh

and call my son

an old man.”




Erika was decorating the living room window with pictures of hearts and little birds and asked her three-year-old son Luke to pick out a name for a pink and red owl. Luke replied: “Pam!” Erika asked, “Who is Pam?”

Luke responded matter-of-factly, “I was!” Erika asked, “What do you mean you were?” Luke explained, “Well, I used to be, but I died. I went up to Heaven. I saw God and then God pushed me back down. When I woke up, I was a baby in your tummy and you named me Luke.”

Read more about Luke’s recollections in our upcoming ebook, Cosmic Cradle III, Children’s Messages from Heaven. (Release date: January 2016) Luke says he was a black woman named Pam who died in a fire in Chicago and jumped out of a window. Luke was too young to even have a clue as to where Chicago even was. Many of Luke’s past-life memories are validated.

In our interview with Lisa, Luke’s maternal grandmother, Lisa told us: “Erika and her husband Nick weren’t religious and never discussed God or Heaven in front of Luke – let alone life and death. They were not interested in reincarnation, spiritual topics, or anything paranormal. Erika had been quite adamant not to introduce formal religion to their children. In fact, they were not even baptized. You can imagine their surprise when Luke matter-of-factly spoke of God and Heaven!”

Children like Luke remember something precious that most adults have forgotten in their state of spiritual amnesia. Stories in Cosmic Cradle III: Children’s Messages from Heaven will inspire parents to awaken and realize the amazing beings they are bringing into this world, beings who are far from the blank slates of consciousness they may appear to be at birth. This book is based on interviews with parents worldwide whose children give evidence of  the dimension of Spirit – where they came from, choosing parents, the way they entered our world, fetal life, and birth.

These true stories hold powerful lessons for all of us, not just parents. Children who remember why they are born to a particular parents/family toss the whole “poor me” or “I am a victim” concept out on its ear, as well as making parents think differently about their children!

Essentially these little ones, like Luke, are spiritual masters in baby disguise. They are coming in to uplift life on planet Earth.