Frequently Asked Questions

Get an overview of pre-birth research and information by watching these short videos:

1. What is pre-birth planning?

Are spirit babies actively planning their future lives and choosing their parents here on Earth?

What does love have to do with it?

2. Is Pregnancy Ever an Accident?

Are spirit babies tracking potential parents with a sort of cosmic GPS, subtly influencing decisions and actions of their chosen parents?

“Accidental” pregnancies may actually be more planned than we realize – even when they end in miscarriage or termination.


3. How can I communicate with my baby before birth and conception?

Can we really open our awareness and heighten our sensitivity to messages from our future children?


4. Is Reincarnation Real?

Can spirit babies come back to the same family again?

Do we need a physical brain to retain memories?


5. Can a Child Return After Miscarriage?

Can we communicate with miscarried or aborted children?

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