Reincarnation, Past Life Memories

The Secret Mysteries of Birth


Rare are those among us who seem to remember anything about our first breath at birth, what transpired in the nine months inside the womb or even our existence before our biological conception.

Our first memories of living in the body are steeped in deep mystery and lie hidden beneath layers of veiled consciousness.

How fascinating, then, to find gifted individuals who experience a conscious birth, who recall the realms of the cosmos from where they journeyed to reach Earth, as well as their reasons for coming here. We describe memory of events occurring prior to life in a physical body and developing a physical brain – “gifted memory.” William Wordsworth, the 19th Century English poet refers to Gifted Memory when he says:

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting: the Soul that rises with us, our Life’s Star, Hath had elsewhere its setting, and cometh from afar: Not in entire forgetfulness, and not in utter nakedness, But trailing clouds of glory do we come from God, who is our home.

Gifted Memory suggests that consciousness is not confined to a physical body, and that memory is independent from having a brain and neurological system.


Home of the "Blind Buddha"

NORMAN PAULSEN Cosmic CradleThe gifted memory of the American mystic and author Norman Paulsen exists as a visual memory recall with vivid images, sounds, and colors.

I descended toward a bright blue pearl of a Mother Earth. Her waters and land appeared like a celestial garden floating in the cosmos and drew me like iron to a magnet.

My life energy and love merged with images of clashing waves, torrents of spray clouds of mist, slowly settling upon glistening monoliths of stone.

Still searching, I flew East beyond the rolling hills and bright green meadows to a fertile valley. There a village greeted me and a silent street ran north and south. I watched for a house facing the rising Sun. Then, a picket fence, an open gate, and a green lawn sprang out beneath two tall palm trees to welcome me. Indeed, I found the home of the blind Buddha – my father-to-be.


Scanning Past and Future Lives Before Birth

Cosmic Cradle spirit babies searching parentsA number of gifted people interviewed for Cosmic Cradle recall scanning their past and/or future lives prior to biological conception. Excerpts from three interviews serve as examples.

1. Lorenzo Caravella, Author of Mouth of God: Your Cosmic Contract, witnessed his life before biological conception:

I recall the pre-existing soul stage prior to entering my mother’s womb. Everything was part of the Oneness. Imagine all your senses just rolled up into one sense of being. You don’t really hear, see, taste, smell, or touch. You don’t do any of those things. Yet everything exists for you. And you are totally unattached. It is a total unity experience: Tat Twam Asi – “Thou art this. Thou are That.” I was aware of everyone and everything and everywhere else.

As the pre-existing soul, I saw my whole future life before me. I accepted its lessons, both the peaks and the valleys.

I knew there was going to be some discomfort – and sure enough, it came along in different shapes and forms – but I did not want to remember some valleys that I contracted for. So there was forgetfulness on purpose.


Souls Remote Sensing Before Birth

did you sign up for this life?Sage, a mother of three, remembers her own conception and birth even more clearly than those of her children.

My memories stretch back to when I isolated myself in a soul form, long before I prepared to be born this time.

A quiet permeated that spirit realm which I have craved ever since – a quiet that totally restores, the deepest rest you can imagine. Everything in balance.

I floated in a vacuum, feeling safe, protected. Once in human form, I missed that love, joy, peace, and comfort. Since then, I have returned to that Realm of Quiet four times. There is nothing schooled about having the experience. It is beyond my ability to consciously go there. It is not available unless my consciousness goes far out of body. And when I do, I can’t experience it for very long.

That state of consciousness is so beyond. There is no place remotely like it, no reprieve like that. It can be frightening to my ego because there are no boundaries.



Ticket to Ride a Celestial Airplane

planned journey to Earth The story of the great seer, Saint Mudgala, related in India’s masterpiece epic, the Mahabharata, offers insights into the possibilities between earthly lives.

I supported my family in an honorable way known as Uncha Vritti. This is a process whereby I routinely worked in the fields collecting grain left over after the harvest was taken by the owner. On the full Moon, my family prepared a meal with the unclaimed grain collected between the new moon and full moon. We prepared our next meal on the new moon, after collecting grain between the full moon and new moon. My family fasted except for these two meals.

Rumors surrounding me intrigued a bad-tempered sage who planned a severe test to see what manner of man I really was.


Sojourns of a Winnebago Shaman

A Native American Shaman relates the tale of three of his past lifetimes..The memories of Thunder-Cloud, a well-known Winnebago shaman, go back to his first human lifetime. He shared his past life and inter-life memories with Canadian ethnologist Paul Radin in 1908.

Thunder-Cloud considered himself a spiritual being having human experiences.

His brother-in-law, Crashing Thunder, describes him as a virtuous man, disliking no one, never stealing and never fighting, and he adhered strictly to all the precepts of the Medicine Rite.

I came from above, and I am holy. It is I, Thunder-Cloud, who speak, I who am now on earth for the third time, I who am now repeating experiences that I well remember from my previous existences.

First Lifetime on Earth

Many years before my present life, I lived on Earth in a party that numbered about twenty camps. Everyone seemed to be on the warpath. As a young lad, an enemy war party attacked my tribe. Innocent lives were lost. Due to my sudden death, I thought I still had a physical body. I even returned home to my wife.




Beverly’s Cosmic Memory

I remember coming from the all that is Beverly Anderson calls the soul’s evolutionary journey an open-ended schoolhouse program of remembering who and what we are so that we can experience ourselves as the little god that we are.

Beverly Anderson is a mother, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and spiritual healer. She hears and talks with angels and sees visions of the past and future. Beverly’s memory and consciousness extend back long before conception. In fact, Beverly recalls previous human lives as well as the heavenly life between each earthly life.

People tell me to call myself a mystic, but that is a big word for somebody who I think is so ordinary. I am a Mom who pays bills, goes grocery shopping, gets my teeth filled just like everyone else. I am just a being who is living the most of me I know how and I haven’t even got warmed up yet. Nor have most of us on the planet, but we are working on it.

Beverly’s “continuous conscious memory” extends back to the moment when she was created as an individual spark of God.


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