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Out of the Mouths of Babes: we shouldn’t define the soul by race or gender.


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 “We used to laugh

and call my son

an old man.”




Erika found it quirky and cute that her young son, Luke seemed obsessed with safety in and around their suburban Cincinnati home.

“Very cautious about, like, crossing the street — anything that might be hot or dangerous or high,” Erika said.

And then there was that other fixation.

“I think I specifically asked him ‘why did you name your ladybug Pam?’ And he said ‘I just think it’s a nice name,’” Erika said.

Soon, everything was ‘Pam,’ with increasingly peculiar comments.

“He used to say ‘when I was a girl, I had black hair,’ or he would say ‘I used to have earrings like that when I was a girl,’” Erika said.

The stay-at-home mom wondered “where was he getting these ideas?” Luke’s answer changed their lives.

“I was like ‘who is Pam’ out of frustration, and that’s when he turned to me and looked at me and said ‘well, I was.’ And I was like ‘what do you mean you were?’ And he’s like ‘well, I used to be, but I died. I went up to heaven, and I saw God, and he pushed me back down and when I woke up, I was a baby and you named me Luke,’” Erika said.

Now, Erika was really confused.

“She called me and she said, ‘you know, something weird is going on,’” Erika’s mom, Lisa Trump said.

Lisa remembered the book by  Dr. Ian Stevenson, called “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation.”

“We started to realize that perhaps we did actually have something there,” Lisa said.

“I decided to go ahead and ask him further — ‘do you remember how you died?’ And he looked right at me, and he said ‘well, yeah. It was a fire.’ And then he made like, a motion with his hand. Like he was jumping off of a building,” Erika said.

A tall building, in a big city — where Luke said he walked a lot, and took the train.

“I was like ‘are you sure it was Chicago?’ And he was like ‘yes, I remember it was Chicago. It was Chicago,’” Erika said.

Erika plugged the information into the internet.

“And that’s when I came across the Paxton Hotel,” Erika said.

The Paxton Hotel was a residential building in a predominantly African-American Chicago neighborhood.

“You know, I just asked him — I was very casual about it, like — ‘Luke, what color was Pam’s skin?’ And he just looked right up at me like – ‘duh, black,’” Erika said.

In March 1993, a massive fire raced through the Paxton Hotel, trapping most residents. Nineteen people died — including a woman in her 30s named Pamela Robinson.

“Pam had jumped out of a window to her death. I was really kind of weirded out by it at this point,” Erika said.

While working with the Lifetime documentary series “Ghost Inside My Child,” Erika and Nick Ruehlman decided to put their now five-year-old to the test.

“I printed out a picture of Pam, and we had put it on a sheet of paper with a bunch of fake pictures. I didn’t really think that he was going to pick the right one,” Erika said.

But with the cameras rolling, Luke saw “someone I can recognize.” Luke said “I remember when this one was taken.”

“And he pointed to the correct one,” Erika said.

“It took me a couple days to wrap my head around it. I couldn’t sleep. I thought about it constantly,” Erika’s mother, Lisa Trump said.

Erika says she spoke with a family member of Pamela Robinson, and she discovered even more similarities.

“I know that Pam was a big Stevie Wonder fan, and Luke really likes that era of music. She played the keyboard a lot, and one of the things that Luke — his favorite toy at the time was this little tiny piano that he would tote around with him,” Erika said.

Just as Erika was becoming truly connected with Pam’s memory, Luke let her go.

“It’s like he got it all out and he was finished — and he had nothing more to say about it,” Erika said.

But the family continues to share their journey with anyone who will listen — not seeking fame or fortune.

“We didn’t receive any money from the (Ghost Inside My Child) show,” Lisa said.

They tell Luke’s story because, they say, it’s a message that needs to be told.

“It’s a positive one. It’s one of unification. It’s one of love,” Erika said.

“I think it tells us that we shouldn’t define the soul by race or gender. Out of the mouth of babes,” Lisa said.

“Papa, don’t worry, I am back again!”

"Don't worry, Papa - I came back again!!" Pre-ibirth memory, past life experiences and more...

Amarjit:  “Twelve years ago I lost my second child when she was three months old. She had a hole in her heart. The very next year I was again blessed with a daughter.

“My third daughter was born December 9th, 2003.  This is the same date and month of my second daughter’s birthday (December 9th, 2002).

“We named her Khushi, meaning Happiness.

“A few weeks after Khushi’s birth, Khushi came to me in my dream. Her communication with me was a mixture of verbal and telepathy:

“‘Papa, don’t cry, as I am the same girl coming again to you.’


Japanese Research finds many Children with Life-Between-Life Memories

When I was born, I was flying up in the sky, looking for my mother....

Many children in Japan are born with pre-birth memories supporting our findings as presented in our book, Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth.

The Journal of Scientific Exploration recently published the results of a Japanese research study entitled “Children with Life-between-Life Memories.”

The Japanese study cites a six-year-old Japanese boy who recalls: “I was flying in the sky, looking for my mother. Looking down. I could see my mother and chose her. I thought she was the best person. She looked lonely, and I thought, ‘If I come to her, she will not feel lonely anymore.’”

A nine-year old Japanese girl describes the place where she was before she came to her mother: “There were many children, or souls, and a god, an entity with authority.”

To our question “Is he like a school teacher?” she replied: “No, no, no! He is much more generous,” and said, “He was looking after us, like a counselor.”


“Before I was born, I was up in Space with Grandma Evelyn.”

grandma in space

Aimee relates: “When my son Casper was about three, he matter-of-factly told me how he chose me and how he took advice from my grandmother (who passed in 1992) when the time was right to ‘come down’.

He even knew things about my grandmother that I had never told him.

“Casper said he’d asked Grandmother Evelyn a couple of times if he could go to Earth and she said, ‘It isn’t the right time to be born yet.’

When he spoke her name, I literally gasped and it gave me goose bumps: ‘Before I came here, I was up in Space, where Evelyn lives. Evelyn, you know her, Mama, and we know you.’


Does everything in our lives happen the way it does for a specific reason?

An enlightened perspective on death and loss.What are the patterns of interconnectedness between our Souls?

The following is excerpted from Embracing Death:  A New Look at Grief, Gratitude and God

By Terri Daniel,  with Danny Mandell – Copyright  2010 –


Family Ties:

In keeping with the idea of soul mates and soul families, this chapter delves more deeply into pre-birth contracts, volunteer agreements and the ways in which everything works interdependently by looking at how our life plans are packaged into scenarios that teach us specific lessons on earth.

I’ve used several examples from my own life, and quote my guides rather extensively here, because they’ve answered my questions with such clarity when I’ve asked about why certain situations happened the way they did.

I’d like to start by sharing some stories from a children’s grief recovery camp where I volunteered for two summers.

The weekend camp is run by our local hospice and is offered free of charge to children in the community who’ve experienced the death of a loved one. Volunteers are specially trained to be compassionate listeners for the children, because many of the kids never had the chance to talk openly about their experiences.

Many of those experiences were incomprehensibly dreadful.


Seed of Blue Light and Birth of the Second Dalai Lama

The mother of the 2nd Dalai Lama saw a blue seed of light enter her belly before she conceived him.The Second Dalai Lama lived from 1475 to 1542AD.

Mankind has been blessed by masters born, who lived miraculous lives among mere mortals.

What is interesting about their beginnings is that there was something outstanding about their conception, birth, or events immediately following birth…

The pre-birth dreams and mystical experiences of Kunga Palmo and her husband Gyaltsen serve as an example from Tibet.

In this way, they were prepared for the birth of a son – the rebirth of the First Dalai Lama:

1. A young boy appeared in Gyaltsen’s dream and said: “The omniscient Gendun Drubpa [First Dalai Lama] will soon come to Yolkar. You should receive him well.”

Gyaltsen saw the first Dalai smiling at him, ablaze with light in a meditation cave.

2. The First Dalai Lama appeared to Gyaltsen in a dream and said: “I have almost completed my retreat. Go to my monastery and collect my robes and monk bowl for me.”

3. Kunga dreamed that a blue radiant light, the size of a sesame seed, entered her womb.


Can Miscarried or Aborted Babies Come Back?

miscarriage abortion babies souls

Four-year-old Dorothy says, “Last time when I was four inches long and in your tummy, Daddy wasn’t ready to marry you yet, so I went away.

But then, I came back.”

Can a miscarried soul reincarnate?

Could little Dorothy possibly be remembering a real situation that occurred before her physical birth? What do you think?

Pre-birth research goes beyond-the-five-normal-senses to discover a cosmic, interconnected, spiritual perspective to answer this question. We need to look at spiritual experiences that reveal the “behind-the-scenes” activities related to the mundane and seemingly unrelated experiences of our lives. We need to look into the world of the Soul.

One source to consider is the innocently-shared pre-birth memories of children who are much too young to have been privy to their mother’s previous miscarriage or abortion:


Cosmic Memory and the Big Bang

"I witnesses the cosmic soul create an infinity of beings out of itself." - Cosmic Cradle: Spiritual Dimensions of Life before BirthCosmic Memory and the Big Bang

Parallel III

I finally arrived in our solar system by coming through a ray of light and descending into the Sun. — Thakur Anukulchandra

Historical Gifted memories parallel Thakur Anukulchandra’s memory of coming in as a ray of Light.

  • Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (1836-1886), enlightened master, India) – At the time of his chief disciple Vivekananda’s birth, Ramakrishna saw a shattered ray of divine energy flash across the sky from Benares to Calcutta where Vivekananda was being born at the same instant. Ramakrishna jumped in joy and announced, “My prayer is answered. You have taken a body for my sake.”

  • Plato’s Republic (Ancient Greece) Greek philosopher Plato pictured creation as three zones: ethereal, aerial, and material. He said the soul’s journey to Earth begins in the ethereal universe, its birthplace.

    At the end of Plato’s Republic (~400-300 BC), a warrior named Er, who “died” in battle, observed a towering band of light resembling a rainbow, only brighter and purer. It seemed to be a passageway by which souls journey back and forth to Earth. Most western scholars, who lack insights from the discoveries about near-death experiences (NDEs), tend to interpret Er’s experience as merely an allegory, yet it offers striking parallels to modern NDE accounts being reported by thousands of people.


Journey through the Stars, Awaiting a Body

1 star universeCosmic Memory and the Big Bang

Parallel II

My journey to Earth involved traveling through a yet undiscovered system of celestial constellations. I traversed a vast distance in space, passing through 44,000 planets. While our planets rotate around the Sun, I observed that lakhs of suns rotate around a bigger sun. — Thakur Anukulchandra

Our earthbound journey emerges from a world of transparent light and timelessness. Historical Gifted memories from Cosmic Cradle parallel Thakur Anukulchandra’s memory of piercing through layers, veils, starry heavens on the soul’s journey to Earth.

  • Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (1836-1886), the great Bengali sage, shared his memories of how he chose his chief disciple prior to their births.

    I was reminded of how I had selected Vivekananda while I was deep in ecstatic meditation one day. My awareness rapidly ascended through every illumined level of being, plunging toward the Mother Essence, the dazzling darkness of the absolutely unmanifest, beyond any possible experience.

    My consciousness soared high and ascended a luminous path through the world of gross matter into the subtle world. I transcended the stellar universe, entered the subtler region of ideas, and witnessed the ideal forms of God.


Convergence of Cosmic Travel Recollections: Thakur Anukulchandra

Cosmic Memory and the Big Bang
Thakur Anukulchandra (1888-1969 India)

I recall how a prime point let itself explode into millions of hyper atoms. Each hyper atom then burst into millions of supra-hyper atoms resulting in an uncut indivisible physically inconceivable point. I witnessed that ultimate point – the Cosmic Soul – create an infinity of beings out of itself like thousands of sparks coming from a fire. The souls were destined to live through a series of lives so long as they remained subject to the illusion of personal individuality.

From the beginning of Creation until my present life, my ego passed through various phases prior to being encaged in a living body, last of all human.

My chain of human births include a cobbler, prince, and spiritual seeker. In the gap between each death and rebirth, I felt empathy for family members whom I watched grieving for me.

I dwelled in an undefined higher region prior to my present life. My journey to Earth involved traveling through a yet undiscovered system of celestial constellations. I traversed a vast distance in space, passing through 44,000 planets. While our planets rotate around the Sun, I observed that lakhs of suns rotate around a bigger sun.

I also proceeded through a former planet that had split into pieces, and observed a planetary system yet to be discovered by science.


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