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The Miracles of the Premie Sisters

The miracle of the preemie sisters - Cosmic Cradle

Adele: “Has anyone had an experience or memory like this?

“I have two children: Clarise was born on 15 October 2010 at 23 weeks gestation. Clarise weighed 515 grams (1.13538065 Pounds). Aleyna was born on 23 October 2011 born at 25 weeks gestation. Aleyna weighed 721grams (1.56969131 Pounds).

“While I was pregnant with with my first child Clarise, she once appeared to me in a dream. Clarise took me up into the Universe.


Diving Into My Body

"What a strange, separate place this is!"  Part of our job on Earth is to recall and reaffirm our sense of Oneness, connection to All That Is.

“It was clear to me this was ‘now where I was’ – like, I knew it was a new reality or life experience – but I was still shocked to learn how separate things were here!” 

Yes, we realize pretty early on how separate we are from everyone else here…usually so early that we can’t recall it ever being different.

Part of our purpose here is to reconnect and reintegrate into the “bigger picture” of universal oneness.

Mindfulness and meditation can gradually help us to recall that “I” am “you”, and “we” are All That Is.


Is it possible to remember being born?

"I remember feeling like I couldn't wait to be born!"

Some people say they do. They even remember selecting their parents, their life, and the problems and happiness they will have before they enter this world!‬

Here are some examples of pre-birth memories:


“I saw my mother before I was born. I was in the sky above her looking down at her. She was pregnant and I saw my older sister and brothers standing next to her.

“Someone was taking her picture. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. 


Do Adopted Kids have Spiritual Parent Connections?

Can adoptive parents be "chosen" by their children before they are born?

Spiritual connections of parenthood don’t only apply to blood relations…

What is adoption all about? Is it by chance?

Our pre-birth research suggests that there is a reason for a soul to incarnate into a particular family, and there is a lot going on behind the scenes in every situation that we on Earth are sometimes not in a position to fully understand.

People born with natural pre-birth memories shed new light on adoption.

J.B.: “Our adopted daughter appeared to her grandmother in a sweet pink dress about two years before she came to our family. Such a testimony to the soul’s journey!” 


“I remember when YOU were a baby in heaven, Mom!”

I saw YOU as a baby in heaven,  Mom!"

Janelle:  “My six-year-old grandson Chase is almost always smiling. We asked him years ago if he was always happy. He replied, ‘Yes, I am. Why would anybody want to be sad?’ 

“My Grandson was born a preemie…3 lbs. 10 oz! The doctors claim he almost died during the life flight.

“He tells us all about spending time with God, and how God knows everything, but it’s not at all how we learn things!

“Also, none of the pictures he has seen are ‘how Heaven really looks at all!’ 


“Papa, don’t worry, I am back again!”

"Don't worry, Papa - I came back again!!" Pre-ibirth memory, past life experiences and more...

Amarjit:  “Twelve years ago I lost my second child when she was three months old. She had a hole in her heart. The very next year I was again blessed with a daughter.

“My third daughter was born December 9th, 2003.  This is the same date and month of my second daughter’s birthday (December 9th, 2002).

“We named her Khushi, meaning Happiness.

“A few weeks after Khushi’s birth, Khushi came to me in my dream. Her communication with me was a mixture of verbal and telepathy:

“‘Papa, don’t cry, as I am the same girl coming again to you.’


Did Plato believe that the human body is a prison?

Plato had lots to say about the soul's time before birth...

Plato: Before our Souls fell from the state of BEING into the mundane realm, we saw the universe and understood the laws of destiny.

Every Soul “beheld true Being; this was the condition of her passing into the form of man.”

We witnessed beauty shining in all its brilliance—the beatific spectacle and (divine) vision.

Our Souls were initiated into the holiest of mysteries and enjoyed mystic ecstasy. We were still pure, “in the state of wholeness and unconscious of the evils that awaited us in the future.”

We were not yet “imprisoned in the body,” bound to it “like an oyster in his shell.


Japanese Research finds many Children with Life-Between-Life Memories

When I was born, I was flying up in the sky, looking for my mother....

Many children in Japan are born with pre-birth memories supporting our findings as presented in our book, Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth.

The Journal of Scientific Exploration recently published the results of a Japanese research study entitled “Children with Life-between-Life Memories.”

The Japanese study cites a six-year-old Japanese boy who recalls: “I was flying in the sky, looking for my mother. Looking down. I could see my mother and chose her. I thought she was the best person. She looked lonely, and I thought, ‘If I come to her, she will not feel lonely anymore.’”

A nine-year old Japanese girl describes the place where she was before she came to her mother: “There were many children, or souls, and a god, an entity with authority.”

To our question “Is he like a school teacher?” she replied: “No, no, no! He is much more generous,” and said, “He was looking after us, like a counselor.”


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