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Out of the Mouths of Babes: we shouldn’t define the soul by race or gender.


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 “We used to laugh

and call my son

an old man.”




Erika found it quirky and cute that her young son, Luke seemed obsessed with safety in and around their suburban Cincinnati home.

“Very cautious about, like, crossing the street — anything that might be hot or dangerous or high,” Erika said.

And then there was that other fixation.

“I think I specifically asked him ‘why did you name your ladybug Pam?’ And he said ‘I just think it’s a nice name,’” Erika said.

Soon, everything was ‘Pam,’ with increasingly peculiar comments.

“He used to say ‘when I was a girl, I had black hair,’ or he would say ‘I used to have earrings like that when I was a girl,’” Erika said.

The stay-at-home mom wondered “where was he getting these ideas?” Luke’s answer changed their lives.

“I was like ‘who is Pam’ out of frustration, and that’s when he turned to me and looked at me and said ‘well, I was.’ And I was like ‘what do you mean you were?’ And he’s like ‘well, I used to be, but I died. I went up to heaven, and I saw God, and he pushed me back down and when I woke up, I was a baby and you named me Luke,’” Erika said.

Now, Erika was really confused.

“She called me and she said, ‘you know, something weird is going on,’” Erika’s mom, Lisa Trump said.

Lisa remembered the book by  Dr. Ian Stevenson, called “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation.”

“We started to realize that perhaps we did actually have something there,” Lisa said.

“I decided to go ahead and ask him further — ‘do you remember how you died?’ And he looked right at me, and he said ‘well, yeah. It was a fire.’ And then he made like, a motion with his hand. Like he was jumping off of a building,” Erika said.

A tall building, in a big city — where Luke said he walked a lot, and took the train.

“I was like ‘are you sure it was Chicago?’ And he was like ‘yes, I remember it was Chicago. It was Chicago,’” Erika said.

Erika plugged the information into the internet.

“And that’s when I came across the Paxton Hotel,” Erika said.

The Paxton Hotel was a residential building in a predominantly African-American Chicago neighborhood.

“You know, I just asked him — I was very casual about it, like — ‘Luke, what color was Pam’s skin?’ And he just looked right up at me like – ‘duh, black,’” Erika said.

In March 1993, a massive fire raced through the Paxton Hotel, trapping most residents. Nineteen people died — including a woman in her 30s named Pamela Robinson.

“Pam had jumped out of a window to her death. I was really kind of weirded out by it at this point,” Erika said.

While working with the Lifetime documentary series “Ghost Inside My Child,” Erika and Nick Ruehlman decided to put their now five-year-old to the test.

“I printed out a picture of Pam, and we had put it on a sheet of paper with a bunch of fake pictures. I didn’t really think that he was going to pick the right one,” Erika said.

But with the cameras rolling, Luke saw “someone I can recognize.” Luke said “I remember when this one was taken.”

“And he pointed to the correct one,” Erika said.

“It took me a couple days to wrap my head around it. I couldn’t sleep. I thought about it constantly,” Erika’s mother, Lisa Trump said.

Erika says she spoke with a family member of Pamela Robinson, and she discovered even more similarities.

“I know that Pam was a big Stevie Wonder fan, and Luke really likes that era of music. She played the keyboard a lot, and one of the things that Luke — his favorite toy at the time was this little tiny piano that he would tote around with him,” Erika said.

Just as Erika was becoming truly connected with Pam’s memory, Luke let her go.

“It’s like he got it all out and he was finished — and he had nothing more to say about it,” Erika said.

But the family continues to share their journey with anyone who will listen — not seeking fame or fortune.

“We didn’t receive any money from the (Ghost Inside My Child) show,” Lisa said.

They tell Luke’s story because, they say, it’s a message that needs to be told.

“It’s a positive one. It’s one of unification. It’s one of love,” Erika said.

“I think it tells us that we shouldn’t define the soul by race or gender. Out of the mouth of babes,” Lisa said.

What happened when your Soul prepared to take a body of flesh?

What happened when your Soul prepared to take a body of flesh?

In Cosmic Cradle, Beverly shares her journey from Source,  details of eleven past lives, and the inter-life stage between those lives.

Enjoy this excerpt of Beverly’s natural memories:

“I remember coming from the All That Is as a projectile of light. I remember being spat out, pushed out like a projectile, and I was screaming through the universe as a spark of light, a little star. I felt sheer exhilaration and knew I was going somewhere, yet I did not know where. Stars whizzed by, although there was no sensation of movement: no density, no up or down, no left or right, no time, no sensations of colors, sound, or heat. I existed as pure energy surrounded by comfort and ease. I remember my spark and Him. And the profound limitless power of that makes me a little nervous. He is in the major leagues, and we are in the minor leagues. Yet talent grows, evolves, and matures, and we will get there too. I will be fine doing the minor leagues for a while. I am not ready to do that format. I do not respect it enough. I will, with time, as we all will.”

Pre-birth experiences offer new insights into fetal life as well as on the process of reincarnation.

Learn from people like Beverly who are born with memories of their soul’s journey into the womb and the worlds leading to it.

Learn from sensitive mothers who communicated with their future children before birth.



Before Birth, I was a part of ‘others,’ like a speck of dust in an endless Universe!

Before Birth, I was a part of ‘others,’ like a speck of dust in an endless Universe!


“I am going to describe what it was like before I was born. I remember being in a dark place. Even though it was dark, it was a comfortable place without pain or want.

I was among or a part of ‘others,’ like a speck of dust in an endless Universe. I felt I was a part of something that was FOREVER.

“It seemed like I always ‘WAS’ and that I would always ‘BE’ whatever it is that I was a part of. Time was endless and I could not ever remember a Beginning nor did I ever think of an End. All I can say at the time before birth is ‘I AM and I knew that I was.

“There came a time when I was told that I had to go. I was being told to go to a place. I did not want to, but everyone there had to eventually go. I just did not believe that I would ever have to leave everything behind. I do not know what ‘everything’ is or was, but I knew I had to leave it no matter what kind of argument I put up.

“I was angry that I had to leave wherever it was I was at. Even after I was born I remained angry or mad that I had to leave. The best thing about being here is that I had the most wonderful mother anyone could ever want. She was the only person that never lied to me or hurt me or did anything bad to me. Actually I can’t remember a person that she ever betrayed or hurt.

“I am getting old now, my health is poor and my time to go will be coming soon. I realize being human and living on Earth is a challenge or possibly a test that every person has to go through. I am not religious or spiritual, but I know that I came from someplace and hopefully I will be going back to the place that I came from to continue what it was that I was taken from.

“Maybe this place is the end of the road and there is nothing after this. It’s hard saying what exactly life is or if it has meaning or purpose. No one really knows. One thing that I do know for sure is that the answer to LIFE, the UNIVERSE, and EVERYTHING is not 42. 43609!”



“My daughter told me her name before birth.”

What if your child knew that you were the ideal person to help her achieve what she intended to in this life - before her birth?

Susan: “When I was pregnant with my daughter, she communicated with me in dreams, and they were very clear.

“She told me what kind of person she was and what she needed from a mother. She even told me her name and its meaning.

“When my daughter was 8 years old, she shared her pre-birth memories with me for the first time.

“She described a place where people were waiting to choose, waiting to be born. She told me she had a choice of parents. I asked, “Why did you chose me?”


Where do our souls live before we are born?

Listen to a 7 year old child explain where she was before birth!

Sheila: “My seven-year-old daughter has been trying to tell me where she was before she came to me for the past three years.

“Finally she made a picture of it for me and put it in front of me and explained every level of the place she was at.

“Now I didn’t quite know those things and was not sure if I was supposed to say or explain anything to her. All I could do is listen.

“I am not close-minded and I do believe in some unexplained things happening now and then.

“I want to be supportive. but am not sure how to be.


“My guide and I watched my birth from above.”

watched my birth from above

Jon: “I remember everything before my birth. I recall descending down to Earth while speaking to a gentleman [spiritual guide] as he was preparing me for what to expect.

“As we were speaking, I was looking out, for it was nighttime. As we came down below the cloud line, it opened up to millions of small lights below. These lights grew larger as we drew closer.

“Soon we were standing in mid air, two floors up looking into a large window, curtains drawn back. There were two men in the room with a women lying on a bed with a white linen and a lemon colored blanket over her and a large bump.


“My pre-birth memory helps me remember why I chose this life.”

giant step


Amy: “I am fortunate enough to have strong memories of my time before birth. I used to think everyone had such memories, but most do not. I was standing before the Council. It was a long table, and a Council of about 10 higher spirits were seated on one side in purple robes.

“The Council is a group of very high spirits who help you plan your life’s challenges before you are incarnated. They are responsible to approve or deny what you think you want to accomplish in your next incarnation.

“I wanted to take a giant step to get to the next level spiritually, so I asked to take on a lot of tough challenges.

“They cautioned me strongly that I was taking on too much and almost did not approve what I had set out to do, but I insisted, and they ultimately approved of my missions.


A Peek at the Highest Potential of LOVE


Did E.P. recall his past life “after-death journey” up the Tunnel of Light followed by an immediate descent back down the Tunnel for rebirth?

For some reason, it seems that E.P. did not need a long period between one life and the next – just enough to get a peek at the highest LOVE and the Soul’s potential.

E.P.’s pre-birth memory is more real than anything that has happened in his life of forty years. Not only is it his earliest memory, it happened before his Soul entered his body. He has thought about it “from age zero” and not a day goes past when he does not think about it. He recalls how he desired to return there when he was 3. And he has intrinsically known that it “happened” long before that.


“I remember being spoken into existence by the Divine.”

Derrick recalls specific, confirmed details of his time as a fetus and earlier...

Derrick’s most profound memory is being in a disembodied state prior to birth surrounded by a BEING of bright, golden light.

Derrick recalls a Divine Being who cradled and caressed Derrick’s soul in his massive hands.

“His voice was deep, strong and powerful, yet gentle and loving.” Derrick felt peace and love. Spirit bodies of other babies about to be fit with an earthly body were swirling around this powerful Being.

The Great Being placed Derrick on his shoulder as if showing him something. Then he took him into his hands before Derrick fell backwards down a dark tunnel.


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