Choosing Parents

“My daughter told me her name before birth.”

What if your child knew that you were the ideal person to help her achieve what she intended to in this life - before her birth?

Susan: “When I was pregnant with my daughter, she communicated with me in dreams, and they were very clear.

“She told me what kind of person she was and what she needed from a mother. She even told me her name and its meaning.

“When my daughter was 8 years old, she shared her pre-birth memories with me for the first time.

“She described a place where people were waiting to choose, waiting to be born. She told me she had a choice of parents. I asked, “Why did you chose me?”


Is it possible to remember being born?

"I remember feeling like I couldn't wait to be born!"

Some people say they do. They even remember selecting their parents, their life, and the problems and happiness they will have before they enter this world!‬

Here are some examples of pre-birth memories:


“I saw my mother before I was born. I was in the sky above her looking down at her. She was pregnant and I saw my older sister and brothers standing next to her.

“Someone was taking her picture. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. 


Do Adopted Kids have Spiritual Parent Connections?

Can adoptive parents be "chosen" by their children before they are born?

Spiritual connections of parenthood don’t only apply to blood relations…

What is adoption all about? Is it by chance?

Our pre-birth research suggests that there is a reason for a soul to incarnate into a particular family, and there is a lot going on behind the scenes in every situation that we on Earth are sometimes not in a position to fully understand.

People born with natural pre-birth memories shed new light on adoption.

J.B.: “Our adopted daughter appeared to her grandmother in a sweet pink dress about two years before she came to our family. Such a testimony to the soul’s journey!” 


“Papa, don’t worry, I am back again!”

"Don't worry, Papa - I came back again!!" Pre-ibirth memory, past life experiences and more...

Amarjit:  “Twelve years ago I lost my second child when she was three months old. She had a hole in her heart. The very next year I was again blessed with a daughter.

“My third daughter was born December 9th, 2003.  This is the same date and month of my second daughter’s birthday (December 9th, 2002).

“We named her Khushi, meaning Happiness.

“A few weeks after Khushi’s birth, Khushi came to me in my dream. Her communication with me was a mixture of verbal and telepathy:

“‘Papa, don’t cry, as I am the same girl coming again to you.’


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