Birth & Infancy memories

“I remember being spoken into existence by the Divine.”

Derrick recalls specific, confirmed details of his time as a fetus and earlier...

Derrick’s most profound memory is being in a disembodied state prior to birth surrounded by a BEING of bright, golden light.

Derrick recalls a Divine Being who cradled and caressed Derrick’s soul in his massive hands.

“His voice was deep, strong and powerful, yet gentle and loving.” Derrick felt peace and love. Spirit bodies of other babies about to be fit with an earthly body were swirling around this powerful Being.

The Great Being placed Derrick on his shoulder as if showing him something. Then he took him into his hands before Derrick fell backwards down a dark tunnel.


Diving Into My Body

"What a strange, separate place this is!"  Part of our job on Earth is to recall and reaffirm our sense of Oneness, connection to All That Is.

“It was clear to me this was ‘now where I was’ – like, I knew it was a new reality or life experience – but I was still shocked to learn how separate things were here!” 

Yes, we realize pretty early on how separate we are from everyone else here…usually so early that we can’t recall it ever being different.

Part of our purpose here is to reconnect and reintegrate into the “bigger picture” of universal oneness.

Mindfulness and meditation can gradually help us to recall that “I” am “you”, and “we” are All That Is.


“I felt helplessly trapped inside my new body.”

"[Being born] felt like being thrown in a vehicle for the first time and being unable to control the vehicle. I understood what was going on and knew what I wanted to do, yet I had no control over my body or actions. I felt helplessly trapped inside my body.”

Sandy recalls:

“I remember my Soul falling through the Cosmos and Spirit Guides telling me what to expect in my life, falling through space and feeling the ‘whoosh’ of other Souls falling at greater speed past me and falling for thousands of years.

“I recall the elation when I finally landed on the Moon. My Spirit Guide told me to hurry up and leave the moon or else I would miss my spot with the family I had lined up.


“Are my recollections genuine? Or just wishful thinking?”

"I remember picking my family, even though it wuld mean hardships in my life..."

Are pre-birth “memories” fantasies, false memories, hazy dreams, delusions, wishful thinking?

Or are they genuine recollections?

What do you think?

This is what Kate remembers:

“I have only told a few people about this memory. They didn’t seem to believe me, and to be honest, if I hadn’t experienced this, I would have doubts, too.


Is the Newborn Baby a Blank Slate?


In her books, Dutch author, Sylvia Lucia, shares her spiritual development from infancy including pre-birth memories and memories of the Spheres. Here is an excerpt in English from Sylvia’s first book White Sun Garden Nostalgia:


During my life I often had special experiences that I would like to share with those who show an interest in my story.

As a child I never mentioned it and, with the benefit of hindsight, I am glad I did not. Maybe I knew, deep inside me, that I should not relinquish my ‘secret’ because as a child I could not have coped with the response I am getting now.


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