“Should I Get an Abortion or Keep the Baby?”

Abortion from a cosmic perspectiveA question answered by Teal Swan on her YouTube channel: 

Today’s Ask Teal Episode is About: Abortion, Nov 24, 2012

Following is a partial transcript of her response:


“Given that there must be life present even for conception to occur…

I do not celebrate the idea of abortion…

But I believe fully in the freedom of choice

relative to everything; including abortion.

And I cannot deny that from some women it may

currently be the right choice for them to make.”


“There is life in everything. There is life there even before the being is conceived. There has to be a stream of consciousness and intention present to manifest a physical fetus.


Can Miscarried or Aborted Babies Come Back?

miscarriage abortion babies souls

Four-year-old Dorothy says, “Last time when I was four inches long and in your tummy, Daddy wasn’t ready to marry you yet, so I went away.

But then, I came back.”

Can a miscarried soul reincarnate?

Could little Dorothy possibly be remembering a real situation that occurred before her physical birth? What do you think?

Pre-birth research goes beyond-the-five-normal-senses to discover a cosmic, interconnected, spiritual perspective to answer this question. We need to look at spiritual experiences that reveal the “behind-the-scenes” activities related to the mundane and seemingly unrelated experiences of our lives. We need to look into the world of the Soul.

One source to consider is the innocently-shared pre-birth memories of children who are much too young to have been privy to their mother’s previous miscarriage or abortion:


Revelations on Abortion and Crib Death

spiritual revelations on abortion and miscarriageLania is like someone who rides the elevator to the top of a sixty-story building and enjoys a loftier vista than someone who observes a limited view from the second floor.

She explains why a short life may be all someone needs. When the use of that body is accomplished, the soul leaves.

Say there is a spirit who needs to briefly experience physicality in order to accomplish something. That spirit chooses a particular mother because of another agreement.

Before that woman took on a form, she selected lessons to learn.

Maybe an abortion was the only way to catalyze certain circumstances – guilt, fear, anger – in order to learn a particular lesson.


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