What happened before your Soul prepared to take a body of flesh?

What happened before your Soul prepared to take a body of flesh?

In Cosmic Cradle, Beverly shares her journey from Source,  details of eleven past lives, and the inter-life stage between those lives.

Enjoy this excerpt of Beverly’s natural memories:

“I remember coming from the All That Is as a projectile of light. I remember being spat out, pushed out like a projectile, and I was screaming through the universe as a spark of light, a little star. I felt sheer exhilaration and knew I was going somewhere, yet I did not know where. Stars whizzed by, although there was no sensation of movement: no density, no up or down, no left or right, no time, no sensations of colors, sound, or heat.

“I existed as pure energy surrounded by comfort and ease. I remember my spark and Him. And the profound limitless power of that makes me a little nervous. He is in the major leagues, and we are in the minor leagues.

“Yet talent grows, evolves, and matures, and we will get there too. I will be fine doing the minor leagues for a while. I am not ready to do that format. I do not respect it enough. I will, with time, as we all will.”

Learn from people like Beverly who are born with recollections of their soul’s journey through the stars and the worlds leading to it.

Pre-birth experiences offer insights into fetal life and the process of reincarnation.



A Peek at the Highest Potential of LOVE


Did E.P. recall his past life “after-death journey” up the Tunnel of Light followed by an immediate descent back down the Tunnel for rebirth?

E.P. did not need a long period between one life and the next – just enough to get a peek at the highest LOVE and the Soul’s potential.

E.P.’s pre-birth memory is more real than anything that has happened in his life of forty years. Not only is it his earliest memory, it happened before his Soul entered his body. He has thought about it “from age zero” and not a day goes past when he does not think about it. He recalls how he desired to return there when he was three. And he has intrinsically known that it “happened” long before that.


“God spoke me into existence.”

Derrick recalls specific, confirmed details of his time as a fetus and earlier...

Derrick’s most profound memory is being in a disembodied state prior to birth surrounded by a BEING of bright, golden light.

Derrick recalls a Divine Being who cradled and caressed Derrick’s soul in his massive hands.

“His voice was deep, strong and powerful, yet gentle and loving.” Derrick felt peace and love. Spirit bodies of other babies about to be fit with an earthly body were swirling around this powerful Being.

The Great Being placed Derrick on his shoulder as if showing him something. Then he took him into his hands before Derrick fell backwards down a dark tunnel.


The Miracles of the Premie Sisters

The miracle of the preemie sisters - Cosmic Cradle

Adele: “Has anyone had an experience or memory like this?

“I have two children: Clarise was born on 15 October 2010 at 23 weeks gestation. Clarise weighed 515 grams (1.13538065 Pounds). Aleyna was born on 23 October 2011 born at 25 weeks gestation. Aleyna weighed 721grams (1.56969131 Pounds).

“While I was pregnant with with my first child Clarise, she once appeared to me in a dream. Clarise took me up into the Universe.


Diving Into My Body

"What a strange, separate place this is!" Part of our job on Earth is to recall and reaffirm our sense of Oneness, connection to All That Is.

“It was clear to me this was ‘now where I was’ – like, I knew it was a new reality or life experience – but I was still shocked to learn how separate things were here!” 

Yes, we realize pretty early on how separate we are from everyone else here…usually so early that we can’t recall it ever being different.

Part of our purpose here is to reconnect and reintegrate into the “bigger picture” of universal oneness.

Mindfulness and meditation can gradually help us to recall that “I” am “you”, and “we” are All That Is.


Do Adopted Kids have Spiritual Parent Connections?

Can adoptive parents be "chosen" by their children before they are born?

Spiritual connections of parenthood don’t only apply to blood relations…

What is adoption all about? Is it by chance?

Our pre-birth research suggests that there is a reason for a soul to incarnate into a particular family, and there is a lot going on behind the scenes in every situation that we on Earth are sometimes not in a position to fully understand.

People born with natural pre-birth memories shed new light on adoption.


“I remember when YOU were a baby in heaven, Mom!”

I saw YOU as a baby in heaven, Mom!"

Janelle:  “My six-year-old grandson Chase is almost always smiling. We asked him years ago if he was always happy. He replied, ‘Yes, I am. Why would anybody want to be sad?’ 

“My Grandson was born a preemie…3 lbs. 10 oz! The doctors claim he almost died during the life flight.

“He tells us all about spending time with God, and how God knows everything, but it’s not at all how we learn things!

“Also, none of the pictures he has seen are ‘how Heaven really looks at all!’ 


“Papa, don’t worry, I am back again!”

"Don't worry, Papa - I came back again!!" Pre-ibirth memory, past life experiences and more...

Amarjit:  “Twelve years ago I lost my second child when she was three months old. She had a hole in her heart. The very next year I was again blessed with a daughter.

“My third daughter was born December 9th, 2003.  This is the same date and month of my second daughter’s birthday (December 9th, 2002).

“We named her Khushi, meaning Happiness.

“A few weeks after Khushi’s birth, Khushi came to me in my dream. Her communication with me was a mixture of verbal and telepathy:

“‘Papa, don’t cry, as I am the same girl coming again to you.’


The Sacred Truth about Giving Birth – A Midwife Speaks Out

Childbirth is both sacred and powerful, and the most normal and simple ting in the world....  A midwife's perspective:

“I have been a midwife for eleven years. I do not want to mislead women into thinking that childbirth is not painful.

“Whenever you describe childbirth, you are walking on thin ice because it is such a different experience for everybody.

Pain is normal and natural and opens up all chakras. A woman becomes a conduit for beautiful energy. If you allow the pain to be what it is and be as strong as it needs to be, you go into an altered state of consciousness. Some of that is due to the physical, the endorphins, which create that dreamy ability to cope with what is happening. Part of it is spiritual.


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