An updated book on the Immortality of the Soul:

Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth

New Edition for 2013:

“Souls by the billions preview the earthly abode. Like sparks of light dancing in a great theater before the curtain rises, each Soul will come on to the earthly stage to shine in a fleeting moment of glory and fulfillment.”

Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth sheds light on how the life of the Soul in a human body is only part of our experience in a multi-dimensional universe.

Cosmic Cradle traces our journey from the heavenly world to birth via pre-birth memories and communications. Stories reveal how gifted individuals remember planning their journey to Earth and how Souls make contact with prospective parents.

Cosmic Cradle is filled with wisdom gathered from interviews with gifted individuals as well as classical and traditional sources – philosophy, cultural anthropology, history, biographies, religion, poetry, and mythology. This knowledge has never been synthesized and compiled before into a single volume.

  • Discover events happening at the soul level prior to biological conception.
  • Trace the step-by-step journey of the soul from the heavenly world through the mother’s womb to birth.
  • Explore wisdom from 108 cultural perspectives and experiences of contemporary gifted individuals.


Cosmic Cradle enlightens readers who long to know their place and purpose in the grand scheme of creation. Cosmic Cradle provides a new synthesis for understanding our spiritual roots and the journey of our soul.

  • Do we choose our parents and our future lives before we are born?
  • How does the soul select parents and future life circumstances?
  • What kinds of communications occur between potential parents and souls seeking human birth?
  • Why does the soul fall from the higher dimensions and how do we travel to Earth?
  • What happens when we are in our mother’s womb, when we take our first breath?


Buying the book via this link directly benefits the authors.

Buying the book via this link directly benefits the authors


Cosmic Cradle is a stunning achievement, comprehensive in scope, spiritually illuminating!… Elizabeth and Neil Carman have thrown open a golden door.”

– David B. Chamberlain, Ph.D.

author, The Mind of Your Newborn Baby,

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Authors of the Cosmic Cradle, Elizabeth Carman, Ph.D. and Neil Carman, Ph.D. are pioneers on the frontier of pre-birth research.

The Carmans’ message is that we are spiritual beings temporarily housed in a physical body.

In this expanded edition of Cosmic Cradle, the Carmans offer a hundred contemporary pre-birth stories and draw parallels with teachings from 108 cultures and religions worldwide. Cosmic Cradle links together a wealth of spiritual wisdom from diverse cultural perspectives elucidating pre-birth consciousness, pre-birth planning, and the Soul’s pre-birth journey to Earth.


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